My Non-Resolution

I’m not one to make New Year resolutions. I never thought they served much purpose. Why resolve to do things in January that I’ve wanted to do all along during the year?

But this year, I do have one thought on my mind. Relationships. This started a few weeks ago after a sermon preached by Rev. Shane Stanford when he talked about encounters. He was sharing with the congregation about the importance of even the smallest encounter with another person. How it can lead to something much more significant down the road.

Ever since, this thought has been on my mind. “Am I paying enough attention to the encounters of my life?”

Sadly, the answer is no. So, for 2012, I still won’t make a resolution. But I will start being more intentional in my relationships with others.

There are so many people I come in contact with daily. Not just my family, co-workers, and clients. But vendors, reporters, sales reps, all these people mean something, not just to me but to God as well. When our lives intersect, what is my response? How should I deal with the encounter?

I know I’m called to pay closer attention but where that leads, I’m not sure. But I’m looking forward to finding out.

2 Comments on “My Non-Resolution

  1. THANKS Alys — I love looking for the encounters. So often they end up being for me but I have been told later by others how some little thing I said made a difference. I always stop and thank God for those times. I just read a post from an acquaintance who is doing something to change her life and she thanked a friend for sharing the tip with her. It was a friend that I had shared the tip with several months ago. It is a ripple effect. Our encounters touch lives that in turn touch other lives. HOW COOL

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