Turn Hunger Into Hope

No one should go hungry.

This Easter weekend means many things to my family. We will go to church Sunday morning and then come home to prepare for our family Easter dinner. The fact that it is also Sunday at the Masters makes the day even more special for us.

I’ve been cleaning the house, fussing at my children about them leaving their stuff all over the place and instructing my husband on the things he needs to do to prepare.

One thing we will not have to worry about is food. I picked up a ham and some casseroles, my in-laws are bringing barbeque with all the trimmings and my husband’s brother will bring dessert. I will even make pimento cheese sandwiches in honor of The Masters.

Not everyone is as fortunate as we are. Or you.

Many struggle to put even a simple meal of peanut butter sandwiches on the table for their families and that’s just not right. We who have plenty and should be able to help those who do not.

The Mid-South Food Bank stands in the gap for those facing hunger but today, their cupboards are bare.

My dear friend, Amy Howell, heard about this need, as as she is apt to do, she swung into action. Within 12 hours, her passionate leadership inspired people like Claire Hick to step in and get a TV news story and a newspaper article. Hundreds of tweets have been tweeted with the hashtag #memfood and the Howell Team put together an eblast alerting our professional contacts was sent, even on a day off.

More is coming, but more is needed. Join us and bring a donation by the Howell Marketing offices. Food donations are welcome but monetary donations will go further. Every dollar you give to the Food Bank will allow them to buy $4 worth of nutritious food. And for the rest of April, your donations go even farther, thanks to the Feinstein Challenge.

If your Easter or Passover weekend has been filled with abundance, take a minute and go to the Mid-South Food Bank website and make a donation.

No one should go hungry.

2 Comments on “Turn Hunger Into Hope

  1. Great post Alys! Thanks for the kind words. What a great way to celebrate the Easter season. How can we have hunger is a city like ours? Let’s fill the food bank and keep it full! Cheers to #MemFood and thanks for posting. Happy Easter to you and yours. Amy

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