No prayers for business and media


Tonight, my church was a host site for a National Day of Prayer service. I was asked to participate by leading the congregation in prayer for business and media.

If you’ve never been to a service like this, the format has someone lead prayers for five areas, education, business and media, military and government, families and the church. After the initial prayer is said, anyone from the congregation is welcome to pray aloud as they felt led.

Each area had many people chime in their prayers except business and media. And I’m pretty sure it’s not because my prayer was so good that I covered it all.


Without a thriving business community our families are without the means to support themselves. Taxes cannot be paid to provide a quality education for our children, or support the government and military. Without a free and impartial media we cannot know the truth about our elected officials and military. Or know when a business has cheated it’s customers or employees.

I’m honored to be able to pray for businesses and for my many friends in the media. They face a tough economy and changing landscape to disseminate the new and yet they keep going.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

2 Comments on “No prayers for business and media”

  1. What was your prayer? Grant them wisdom? Grant them courage? Grant them impartiality and good taste? Low interest rates and a strong bottom line? It may very well be that your prayer said it all because I’m sure you put a great deal of thought into it and the rest of it don’t put business and media and prayer in the same thought – ever.

    • My prayer was for business owners to have wisdom to keep their businesses viable so they can continue to provide a living wage for all while treating their customers and employees fairly.

      I also prayed for the media that they remain the impartial voice despite the massive changes their industry is facing in the wake of new media.

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