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Social Media and Elected Officials

Social media is an excellent tool for politicians to use to get their message out. These tools are used to get one’s message out without the filter of mainstream media. How does one use these tools? Let’s start with Facebook since it is the dominant player. First of all, I’d recommend making sure your own […]

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No prayers for business and media

Tonight, my church was a host site for a National Day of Prayer service. I was asked to participate by leading the congregation in prayer for business and media. If you’ve never been to a service like this, the format has someone lead prayers for five areas, education, business and media, military and government, families […]

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An Open Letter to the Media

by Alys Drake When there is a tragedy, you have the terrible responsibility to inform the public. Please don’t interview witnesses who are children. I don’t care if their parents give permission. The parents are probably too traumatized to make a rational decision as well. What good comes from it? These babies are already damaged and you want to put […]

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